Kansas State University - Astronomy
"Equipped with his five senses, man explores the Universe around him and calls the adventure science" - Edwin P. Hubble

m42_thumb  Messier Object Imaging  -  Over the course of Spring 2014, we will  be imaging most of the observable 110 Messier Objects with our high resolution and wide field instruments.  These are some of the most beautiful and interesting objects in the sky and a favorite target of astro-imagers everywhere. spect_thumb Spectroscopy - Astronomical spectroscopy is extremely interesting and accessible to students.  With highly accurate mount trackng and modetate optical quality, off-the-shelf telescopes and spectrograhs can yield information such as chemical composition, relative chemical abundances, surface temperature, stellar envelope dynamics, relative velocities and more.
Photometry projects are very interesting and lend themselves very well to amateurs/students since they require data acquisition over many nights or even many months.  Being able to take data for long periods of time are what private, amateur observatories do very, very well.  Our initial projects will be to verify the periods of contact binary systems.